Care Instructions
of your new piercing!

Your Piercing maintain at least three times a day. The care may well also be done in the shower. In the first four weeks , please do not bathe , swim, have a sauna and sunbathing.

Please make sure that no conventional soap or shower gel comes in the wound. Cosmetics, cream and perfume can not get to the wound.

The following steps please guide from three times a day . Before you clean the piercing , wash your hands thoroughly always .

Let Spray with Octenisept the bite and the jewelry, and act carefully with a lint-free cloth , wipe the piercing (please do not use cotton swabs, since the lint can ignite the bite ) .

With a piercing in and around the mouth area please after every meal , or after smoking a mouthwash ( Listerine or Hexoral ) use . Avoid smoking the next 5 hours.

Avoid during the healing phase hot to eat spicy and acidic foods . Avoid the exchange of body fluids . If the mouth swelling occurs, chamomile ice cubes recommends to suck .

After each piercing a slight redness and swelling may occur in the area , this should subside after about one to two weeks .

Crusts form around the piercing , soft it up with lukewarm water or Octenisept , please do not remove with fingernails .

The outer part of lip piercing is supplied as a normal skin piercing.

If, despite scrupulous care in severe pain , extreme swelling , redness, or do you have signs of infection , just call or come over.