Since the early civilization , tattoos are part of human history. It can be assumed that probably every cultural community of the earth at some stage of their development knew the custom of tattooing and exercised. At issue , however, is where the tattoo has mainly developed . repeatedly an attempt was made to assign them from the origin to a given geographical area. The oldest evidence for the presence of tattoos date back to the Europe. The 1991 discovered mummy from Hauslabjoch near the Oetztal valley in Italy ( Ützi ) proves that as early as the Bronze Age , more than 5000 years ago , in Europe Ornaments were inserted into the skin . This oldest preserved human bodies in the world has 15 skin images

This fact seems to refute the frequently encountered assumption that the custom of Tattooing originated from southwestern Asia to from there over egypt has spread to Polynesia and Australia and was eventually carried to the Americas on. Contrary to a number of theories that try all of them , the Origin of tattooing in a particular geographic area classified may be inferred from the diverse and across the globe scattered evidence be assumed that the custom of Tattooing among the various peoples of the earth independently and has evolved independently of other customs. Among the oldest known tattoos include approximately 2400 years old female body , in the territory of the Russian Ukok Plateau was found , as well as two Egyptian mummies from the second Millennium before our era.

All cultures presented the skin images in a symbolic connection with Conception, birth and death, with strength and courage ( Fellowes , 1971; Sperry , 1991 ; Feige, 2000; Pozgain et al. , 2004). So you had initially at Ítzi thought that it was purely decorative tattoos , which him as belonging to a tribe Mark sollten.Mittlerweile seems However, to be clear, that it is probably in order therapeutic character Form of acupuncture is . It has been found that the Tattoos , especially the back and legs , to classical Find acupuncture points. In its ritual significance and was tattooing is mostly in Micronesia , Polynesia, at indogenen populations and eg also the Ainu and the Yakuza (Japan) spread . Among the oldest written Products for dealing with tattoos are biblical texts to find ; in that they are associated with the cult of the dead . Classic Greek and Roman writers described tattooing as barbaric practice.

The first Christians were among the followers of colored Body jewelry. In early Christian communities the tattoo was banned as a dumb character recognition , The late Christianity Meanwhile, the images jump to humans from the disfigurement divine creation hold . In ancient Rome was Constantine I ( 287 - 337 AD), the first emperor , who said the Hautzierden. a logical continuation of the ban was in 787 AD under Pope Hadrian I. , the associated tattooing with superstition and paganism . During the next thousand years were by his successors always adopt similar dispositions . In the era of geographical Europeans findings came in contact with many cultures in which was tattooed. Throughout history, tattoos were often as a form of ostracism by criminals and prostitutes ( Fellowes 1971 ; Sperry , 1991, fig 2000; Pozgain et al. , 2004). A stigmatizing recent example is the identification of Prisoners in concentration camps during the Nazi era .